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11 January 2018

Telling the story of leather

In 2018, the National Leather Collection received funding from the Nenescape Landscape Partnership as part of their Stories of the Nene – Community Heritage Grant. With this funding, the museum is running an exciting new archival project has allowed us to unbox, explore and digitise our paper archives for the very first time. The aim of this project is to digitise the entirety of our archives and make it all accessible online, so that the public can browse our archive collection at home.

Volunteers have been working hard for the past year to take a full survey of all the material held in our archival collection. They are now in the process of cataloguing and digitising the material to make it accessible to the public via online photo-sharing platform, Flickr.

The museum’s archival collection consists of around 30,000 documents and photographs, including the history of the museum and its governance, records of leather manufacturing companies, the history of the leather industry in Northamptonshire and beyond, and research into the collection and leather heritage crafts.

The first phase of our project is due to go live by the end of this year when the museum will be making the A. D. Burdett collection of Native American cultural material available publicly online for the first time. Watch this space!

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